Who We Are


Dennis Wall, Chief Executive Officer


Dennis spent his childhood between Brooklyn and Pine Bush, NY. He graduated from Binghamton University in 2007 and has worked in financial services ever since, climbing the corporate ladder to Vice President in 2013. Dennis is a 1st generation college graduate. His reasoning for starting FREE is simple – everyone, particularly the underserved – would benefit and grow economically from financial literacy services. He currently lives in Queens, NY.


His cat Rory, reading, writing, video games, theatre, racket sports, cooking, CrossFit, and wine.

Corwin Conner, Co-Chief Operating Officer


He grew up in East New York, Brooklyn as an introvert who loved playing sports and the drums. He graduated from Rutgers in 2015 and has worked in financial services ever since, where he’s currently an Associate within the Pricing and Valuation Group. His obsession with personal finance/building wealth and frustration with the lack of knowledge transfer to underserved communities already set back by prejudice institutions/polices was his reason for starting FREE. Corwin is currently a homeowner in Newark, NJ.


Playing basketball, soccer, and baseball [or any sport really], snowboarding, pretending to eat healthy, overthinking, reading, and music.


Maddy Deshchenko, Co-Chief Operating Officer


Maddy was born in Romania and moved to Astoria, Queens at 15, as a freshman in high school. She graduated from SUNY Binghamton School of Management and has been working in financial services ever since. She is currently a Vice President in the Alternative Investments and Manager Selection group. Maddy joined FREE in 2017 with the goal of empowering underrepresented groups, with a focus on women and immigrants, with the best financial literacy tools to enable them and their families to live their best lives in the US!


Spending time with her daughter and her husband, kickboxing, hiking, music, traveling, having a glass of wine with friends

Eugenia Navarro, Chief Education Officer


Eugenia is originally from Venezuela, but moved to Maryland when she was 8. She attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and studied Economics, Political Science and French. She then worked as a high school Spanish teacher for two years in North Carolina prior to working in financial services. At the firm, Eugenia is a Vice President on the Management Reporting team, which prepares financial analytics around company performance. Eugenia joined FREE in 2016 to help bring the curriculum to life by designing highly interactive lessons.


Going to concerts, watching NetFlix, drawing on my iPad, and roaming around NYC.

Charles Wagener, Chief Strategy Officer


Charles grew up in Fort Collins, Colorado, a small city north of Denver. He graduated from Colorado State University in 2014, with a major in finance. After spending the first four years of his career at two of the world’s leading investment banks, he transitioned into the technology sector, with a focus on financial technology. Charles believes that access to financial education and information are imperative to individual economic success, and personal freedom. Through his involvement in FREE he aims to facilitate equal, high quality access to financial education and information for everyone. He currently lives in Brooklyn.


Skiing, traveling, hiking, running, yoga, economics, politics, world events, and real estate

Genevieve Jackson, Creative Director


A born and raised New Yorker (L.E.S. baby!), Genevieve graduated from SUNY Purchase in 2010. As a creative content designer and storyteller, she is dedicated to delivering offerings that support the inspiration, joy and well-being of marginalized folk. Genevieve sees FREE as a game changing tool; re-writing the narrative on net and self worth for generations to come. She is so proud of FREE’s impact (co-founded by her amazing cousin Dennis 🙂 and excited to bring more of this work to her Brooklyn community!


Watching and making animation, goofing off at museums, mythology, yoga, hiking, drink and draws, chess, and bubble tea


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